RECKLI is undergoing internal rejuvenation, developing new products and expanding into new markets. This international approach necessitates new forms of communication.

The early years of the new millennium are not for the faint-hearted. After the sovereign debt crisis in Greece, the economies in Italy, Portugal and Spain also faced problems. At the European level, one crisis summit followed another, Chancellor Angela Merkel became a crisis manager. Germany's influence in Europe changed especially because the German economy remained stable despite all surrounding crises.

RECKLI, too, was largely able to react calmly to the crisis. To ensure a healthy position for the future, the company introduced a new generation: Dr. Bernd Trompeter, who headed the French subsidiary SOCECO RECKLI since 1996 and expanded the international business as Export Manager of RECKLI since 2002, was appointed to the management board in 2008 as a partner of Horst Kosjak. Together, the management duo opened up new niches for RECKLI products: RECKLI included the staining product NAWTONE in its range, with which concrete surfaces can be colored. Concrete retarders and high-quality impregnations became an integral part of the product range. In 2010, the French designer Romain Taieb designed twelve exclusive patterns for RECKLI, which picked up on new design trends for façades.

In 2012, Dr. Bernd Trompeter took over the sole management and focused increasingly on innovation and trend awareness in order to raise interest for RECKLI products. That same year, the company developed revolutionary 3D molds that install motifs three-dimensionally onto façades. The following year, RECKLI courageously set out to enter the US market: US Formliner was founded in Atlanta in 2013. One year later, the subsidiary RECKLI Middle East in the United Arab Emirates began its operations.

Through constantly observing the market and adapting the product range to local conditions, RECKLI asserted itself against its competitors worldwide. Services such as the online directory for concrete processors, ihr-fertigteilwerk.de, and a worldwide network of technicians secured the position as a strong partner for architects and planners.

A strong brand and communication were essential for this. In 2014, the company began with rejuvenating the corporate identity, starting with a visual redesign of the logo and revisions of the advertising material through to the decision to launch its own magazine on the market. Since 2014, the FORMLINER magazine has been providing information about architectural concrete from all over the world, presenting new trends in concrete construction and looking at unique façades and architects in exciting case studies.

The website was extensively revised and a blog was rolled out, while RECKLI also began being increasingly involved in social media and the printed catalogue was rethought and redesigned as a pattern book. The comprehensive new designs were distinguished with several design- and innovation awards.

For its anniversary year, RECKLI is also treating itself: to emphasize how closely the success of the company is linked to its own staff, numerous RECKLI employees from all departments and decision-making levels came together to record the trading principles of the medium-sized company. The RECKLI formula celebrates people as the heart and the most important pillar of the company's 50-year history.

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