Scheiblhofer Winery, Andau

At the Austrian winery, guest swirl wine in their glasses at wine tastings. The architecture, however, impresses with its wave-like façade. 

The Scheiblhofer Winery in an Austrian cultivation region is one of the largest wine estates in Burgenland: wine is cultivated here across nearly 75 hectares. In 2014, the new depot was developed for the winery estate. 

The building is enveloped by a patterned, concrete façade. A pattern from the RECKLI SELECT series was used across a total of 1500 square meters of concrete surface: The 2/169 Columbia design embosses a wave-like curtain pattern into the concrete. The casts vary in their widths and depths and lend the concrete a sweeping, light effect. Four formliners each measuring 3.50 x 3.98 meters and two formliners measuring 3.50 x 0.9994 meters were used. 

Project: Scheiblhofer Winery
Location: Andau, Austria
Architect: Halbritter & Hillerbrand ZT Gmbh
Concrete design: RECKLI SELECT 2/169 Columbia

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