Dr. Bernd Trompeter | Managing Director

He initially managed the French subsidiary, now he surveys the worldwide business: Throughout his career at RECKLI, Bernd Trompeter has sensed that the management believes in him and his capabilities. That experience has been the leitmotif of his leadership style.

The entry to RECKLI even surprised Bernd Trompeter himself: In his diploma dissertation, he had recommended the company, in order to better develop the French market, to either acquire the competitor Soceco or to persuade them to join in a strategic alliance. RECKLI decided to buy - and offered Trompeter to manage the fusion on site.

At the end of 1996, he initiated the restructuring in France. In the following years, the former competitor grew to become a successful foreign subsidiary with a strong position on the French market. 

Five years later, he moved from France on to the world: As the Exports Director, Trompeter was active around the globe to expand RECKLI’s sales network. He intensified the commitment in the United Arab Emirates and initiated new partnerships in Australia and the United States. The number of foreign branches grew from nearly 20 to currently 65. “I was able to make important decisions on my own, because RECKLI extended a lot of trust to me and really bolstered me,” Trompeter recounts. One experience from which he has been benefitting since he joined management in 2008. He managed RECKLI’s business jointly with Horst Kosjak until 2012, before assuming sole management. 

In the meantime, while he no longer travels more than 200,000 kilometers by plane each year, he does still travel a lot. “Managing our international commitments is important to me, I enjoy the contact to the different cultures,” explains Trompeter. 

The exchange with our employees is just as important to him. He now passes on the same basic trust, which was given to him throughout his career at RECKLI. Project groups are staffed with a blend of employees, so that staff members from all departmental level can contribute their ideas. All managers are trained for their positions if leadership, staff surveys are regularly conducted. Communication and exchange on all levels pose the core thinking of his personnel policy. “Our employees should be able to develop, which is why we give them space and freedoms and support their further education measures,” he says. He is proud of the internal careers and his close ties to the employees at RECKLI. To make sure that continues to be the case, he does not rest on the status quo: The door to his office is always open.

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