Predrag Milic | Production

After he had lost his job at Nokia, Predrag Milic joined RECKLI. The mid-sized company in Herne even offers him more career prospects.

RECKLI was a new start for Predrag Milic. Two years earlier, he had just bought a house when his former employer Nokia informed him of his termination at the plant in Bochum. Predrag switched to a rescue company, built his house using his own means and searched for a new job. He found it at RECKLI: In April 2011, he started casting, cutting and shipping formliners in production. 

The production has become his daily routine in the meanwhile, the result not however: Today, Predrag is still fascinated by the things that make the formliners possible. Large projects and special productions such as the shapes for a 5,000-square-metre surface at a military base in Qatar are highlights for him and his colleagues in the production department. Following such projects, they are particularly curious about the final product. “The finished façade still surprises”, he says.

In the meantime, Predrag is more intensely involved with the organisation than production. He has been active as deputy production manager for three years now and is responsible for a large part of the planning - a position which was not available to him in Bochum. “RECKLI offers me more career prospectives than Nokia”, states Predrag. 

He values the flat hierarchies in Herne as they facilitate his team’s work: “When can even occasionally try out a new layer mold and discard it again, should it not prove itself”, he explains. The motto “there’s no such thing as impossible”, does not only apply to the customer’s wishes in Herne.