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LOOKBOOK #1 — Form follows flora

The new LOOKBOOK presents a collection of RECKLI concrete structures, setting trends in façade design.

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Loud, colorful, distinctive. RECKLI is an inspiration with its exciting new medium: The LOOKBOOK presents a selection of our concrete structures in a previously unseen way. Our classics show extraordinary combinations that go beyond proven the design categories of wood, stone, masonry and fantasy and reflect architectural trends in a new environment. RECKLI concrete structures make striking architectural statements and inspire new designs in unusual settings.

Form Follows Flora

RECKLI takes architects and planners into the world of plants with the first issue of the LOOKBOOK. Concrete façades take on light and floral forms in the urban jungle with the Form Follows Flora motif.

The LOOKBOOK rethinks concrete façade design. Strong, malleable, versatile: Concrete has revolutionized the construction world – and we are revolutionizing design with concrete. RECKLI will present modern interpretations and trends in the design of exposed concrete façades in the LOOKBOOK. The collection places concrete structures in a new light and inspires new façade designs with our favorite material.

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