The new FORM FOLLOWS FLOW Collection

With the 3rd edition of our Lookbook, we also introduce our new formliners. More reduced, more versatile and more sustainable, they open up completely new possibilities for architectural design. They are an expression of an architecture that is always changing. Which goes with the developments of our time, but also seeks completely new paths – true to the motto FORM FOLLOWS FLOW.

Find out more now in our current lookbook and let yourself be inspired - by new perspectives, new designs and the new FORM FOLLOWS FLOW Collection from RECKLI.

Four new designs

For the launch of the new FORM FOLLOWS FLOW Collection, you can choose from four designs inspired by nature: Hedge, Flurry, Torn and Groove. Just like our RECKLI UNIQUE series, our new formliners also allow for completely individual motifs – there are no limits to your imagination.

Would you like to learn more about our new Collection and the customisation options? Give us a call – our architectural consultants will be happy to inform you personally.

Foundation for the future

Sustainability is becoming the defining issue of our time. That is why the current LOOKBOOK also shows the efforts we at RECKLI are making for more sustainable construction. And what role our new formliners play in this.

Download the digital LOOKBOOK #3 now!

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