Artificial Stone

RECKLI offers forms for the design and production of artificial stone. As well as standard patterning on concrete slabs, the WetCast system also makes it possible to design with text, pictograms or photos. The Stoneliner acts like a stamp to press textures into concrete, which can then be immediately removed from the form.


The WetCast system is ideal for producing models for curbsides, non-slip forms and ground slabs. The forms are durable and long-lasting. As well as standard textures, unique logos, pictograms, text or even photos can be immortalized in concrete using WetCast forms.

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The Stoneliner is used to create concrete slabs for paths and landscape gardening. It presses smooth or textured slabs just like a stamp. The Stoneliner is used with very stiff concrete, which can be removed from the form immediately after being pressed and compacted.

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