To achieve only the best results with our products, RECKLI offers a variety of professional tools and accessories.

Formliner Knife

The RECKLI Formliner Knife is a tool with a fixed blade, especially suitable for trimming RECKLI formliners with the numeral 2/....

Profile Knife

The RECKLI Profile Knife is a profiled specialist knife, specially designed for later separation of one-piece manufactured formliners made of silicone or polyurethane. The trimmed profile produces a tongue and groove effect and guarantees exact assembly at the separating line.

Spiral Agitator

The RECKLI Spiral Agitator is a tool for use with electrical drilling machines.

Stirring Tub

The RECKLI Stirring Tub is a robust plastic tub with handles for continuous use, also when mixing large product quantities.


The RECKLI Toolkit contains a Formliner Knife, Toothed Smoother, Spiral Agitator, Grinding Disk and instruction sheet.

Toothed Smoother

The RECKLI Toothed Smoother is a tool for the uniform application of materials in paste or fluid form. The sheet size is 14x28cm, the tooth depth is approx. 2mm.

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