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RECKLI 2/169 Columbia


series uses Dimensions (mm) order number
C * 100 4950 flex × 3980 flex C 2169
A 50 4950 flex × 4 x 995 fix A 2169
E 10 4950 flex × 4 x 995 fix E 2169
two/four pieces
* 2 pieces: × 1990 flex

Formliners labeled as Flex specify the maximal dimensions that they are available in. Any dimension below this value can be chosen freely.


The formliners labeled as Fix can only be delivered in the specified dimension.


We guarantee 100 uses for molds of series C, 50 uses of series A, 10 uses of series E.


Schwerin, RECKLI 2/169 Columbia

Abstract patterns allow for limitless creative space. Imaginative designs play with the concrete and enable the depiction of geometric shapes, straight lines, diagonal, systematic or wild layouts. Gironde creases massive concrete like paper. Columbia and Liberty lend it a sweeping lightness. Breisgau lets it appear steely and clear. Samara plays with the elements of fire and water.