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RECKLI 2/169 Columbia


uses Dimensions (mm) order number
1005000 × 4000 (2 × 2000) C 2169
505000 × 4000(4 × 1000) F 2169
105000 × 4000 (4 × 1000) T 2169
    * two/four pieces

    100-timer formliners are supplied in an individual dimension within the maximum indicated dimensions.

    The specified widths of the 10-timer and 50-timer formliners are a fixed dimension and ensure the continuity of the structure in the case of linear patterns. The longitudinal direction of the pattern is variable and can be ordered from 1 m up to the maximum dimension in 50 cm steps.


    Schwerin, RECKLI 2/169 Columbia

    Textured formliners for concrete with abstract shapes. Imaginative designs play with the concrete and allow the portrayal of geometric shapes, straight lines, slanting, systematic or wild arrangements. Gironde scrunches solid concrete like paper. Columbia and Liberty give it a lively lightness. Breisgau makes it look steely and clear. Samara plays with the elements of fire and water.