Manufacturing process


RECKLI prints the design with a screen printing method on to a synthetic or magnetic foil that is treated with a concrete activator. The deactivator affects a delayed setting of the concrete. The treated surface can be washed out.


The artico foil is laid into the casing. The synthetic foils ensure that the motif is applied to the concrete without wrinkles or creases. After the foil has been applied, the concrete is cast into the casing.


As soon as the concrete has hardened, the finished part is removed and the artico foil stripped away. Subsequently, the surfaces that were treated with deactivator are washed out with the high-pressure cleaner.


Point-by-point washing out lets the design clearly emerge in the concrete. Through the washing out, the top-most cementitious material is removed and makes the treated surface even haptically perceivable.


Via 2014 Maastricht, Artico
Cycle tunnel Nijmegen, Artico