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The third issue of the RECKLI magazine has been printed: FORMLINER dedicates itself to the issue of change, presents a special case study in Switzerland, and, on the company’s 50th anniversary, takes a look at the business’s beginnings.

The third issue of the architecture magazine, FORMLINER, is released on the year of RECKLI’s anniversary. The current issue is fully dedicated to the topic of change and, as usual, takes a look at buildings, processes and people.

Using shopping centers, conversion areas and industrial parks as an example, FORMLINER shows how Mannheim is re-inventing itself in its development as a city. Bunkers in Bremen and Munich illustrate that successful conversion concepts can turn a war colossus into a coveted residential property. And, in the story on high-rise buildings, readers can learn about how building types re-invent themselves and make a comeback. The magazine documents how historically burdened structures are delicately handled when renovating a Melbourne prison into a residential complex and presents concrete pioneer Félix Candela, who did not let himself be limited by rigid formworks when planning and designing concrete, but rather gave concrete entirely new and breathtaking shapes.

The current case study is dedicated to three texts on the extension of the Bündner museum in Chur, Switzerland. Spanish office Barozzi Vega has designed an expressive building that is neither imposing nor does it try to please anybody. A look at the refined façade shows how detail-oriented the architects’ planning was, and how it gave the building such an extraordinary character. In an interview, Alberto Veiga explains why extensions can be more fun than standalone designs, why the Spaniard and his Italian office partner began their career directly with large projects along with architecture’s connection to the seductive arts.

Because RECKLI is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, FORMLINER takes a look at the company’s history in the chapter marker and also looks at how RECKLI has evolved from a small business in the Ruhr area to a successful, global mid-sized company in five decades. RECKLI always emphasizes that the company owes its success to its committed workers. As such, globally active partners are presented as international minds and give readers insider’s insights into their respective market.

Guest contributions on architectural issues and technological novelties are new additions. In his essay, Polish architect Oskar Grabczewscy writes about the role of aesthetics in architecture. In a guest entry on infra-lightweight concrete, scientists led by Professor Mike Schlaich from the Technical University of Berlin provide information on the technological advantages of this new development and consequently, the creative possibilities that it gives architects.

FORMLINER is published every year and a half and reports on construction sites and developments from the world of architectural concrete around the globe. Essen-based communications agency ONEWORX is responsible for the magazine’s design and execution.

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The third issue of the RECKLI magazine has been printed: FORMLINER dedicates itself to the issue of change, presents a special case study in Switzerland, and, on the company’s 50th anniversary, takes...

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