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Emergency Services Hub, Sweden

The Swedish municipality of Luleå’s emergency services hub combines the fire service, ambulance service and emergency call handling under one roof. The façade and interior are finished with a RECKLI texture. 
Since 2020, this new combined emergency services building in Luleå has been home to the local fire service, ambulance service and emergency call handling. This lets the local emergency service units carry out their services even more effectively. 
Swedish firm A och D Arkitektkontor took on the design for the new building. The architects designed a building with 9,500 square meters of usable space finished externally with a concrete façade. The façade alternates between a brickwork effect and a curtain texture. The curtain texture was also used on concrete surfaces internally.

Sandwich elements were used on the exterior walls, consisting of a 150mm panel on the inside, 180mm mineral wool and a 130mm panel on the outside. The panels were poured at the precast plant using black tinted, class C30/C37 concrete. The design of the curtain texture involved the use of a formliner from RECKLI’s SELECT range; the architects chose the 2/701 Liberty design. Just two formliners totaling 64 square meters in size were used to produce 1,600 square meters of concrete. 

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