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Eye Clinic St. Petka, Varna, Bulgaria

The eye clinic St. Petka in Varna sets standards in the field of modern medical care. But it also stands out in architectural terms. 

The Bulgarian port town Varna enjoys numerous picturesque views thanks to its setting by the Black Sea and its history. The newly built eye clinic St. Petka adds a further eye-catcher in the city center.

Visitors can expect a modern, inviting building with facilities that meet the highest medical demands. The ground floor features examination rooms with cutting edge equipment, a waiting room and a children’s play area. Administrative offices and a break room for the staff are located on the first floor.

The second floor is where the state-of-the-art operation rooms are located, where even cardio- and neurosurgical operations can be carried out. 18 patient’s rooms for freshly operated patients are set on the third floor. Further facilities include a laboratory, a small library, a conference room as well as a roof-top terrace with panoramic views.

During the planning, the architects focused on a clear design that highlights the technological and modern aspects of the clinic. The visible surfaces on the interior and exterior are an important component of that. The back part of the clinic’s façade and the pillars were formed with the RECKLI concrete pattern 2/188 Champagne. The formliners were used to produce special thermal insulation panels, which then receive an untypical design. The pattern can be found in the interior as well. The formliners were used in the in-situ concrete to design the offices spaces. 

Champagne is an abstract pattern from the portfolio that includes more than 200 standard patterns, whose irregularly large squares slightly protrude or are set back and thereby lend the concrete surface a pattern and a sense of lightness at the same time. In the car park, the application of Champagne provides inviting, warm highlights.

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