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Kultur Quartier Kufstein, Austria

An exposed concrete facade comprising prefabricated sections spans the Kultur Quartier in the old town of Kuftstein. Textured formliners were used to create the elegant roughcast look.

The Kultur Quartier has been enlivening the old town of Kufstein since May 2016: It houses a bank building, a hotel, a theater and apartments. The ensemble of interconnected buildings form large blocks and create a series of spaces that invite people to linger.

The architects from the Obermoser office in Austria opted for a facade design comprising prefabricated elements. These were made by Kurz Fertigteilbau in Austria. Formliners from the RECKLI SELECT range were used to mold the concrete elements: The 2/76 Nil pattern is reminiscent of a coarse roughcast facade. 2000 square meters of concrete were molded using a total of 53.03 square meters of formliners.

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