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Market church, Goslar, Germany

The Goslar market church held an exhibition in honor of Martin Luther for the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation. One of the projects was created using RECKLI products.

2017 was the Year of Luther: the Republic honored the great reformer with countless readings, exhibitions and events. The Goslar market church is a true treasure chest of Reformation documents: more than 5,000 historic writings and books are stored in the library. Many of the documents come from Halberstadt but were brought to Goslar in 1533 for safekeeping.

For this reason, the market church was the ideal location for the double exhibition honoring Martin Luther and his contributions to the Reformation. A large range of historic documents made up one part of the exhibition. The second part was a sculptural representation of Luther’s famous saying: “Here I stand, and can do no other”. 

Shortened to the first part (“Here I stand”), students at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig were given free reign for their interpretations of this sentence in their works. The students were asked to associatively approach the sentence, allowing a dialogue between the historic and modern pieces of the exhibition. 

Sabine Sellig is one of the eight students whose work was exhibited. Her work “Und Oben Geht’s Weiter” is a 24cm-long, 24cm-wide, translucent silicone band that seems to dangle from the ceiling. Running on pulleys and powered by a drum motor, it constantly moves in order to stimulate the audience to reflect on life, which never stands still. At the same time, the work is also reminiscent of the cycle of life.

When selecting her materials, Sellig opted for RECKLI silicone, which she subtly dyed for her piece. Sellig has already worked with RECKLI products several times, and was so impressed with their quality that she placed her trust in them for her exhibition piece. Sellig’s piece is her final work for her Master’s degree; RECKLI provided the materials.

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