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Museum for Architectural Drawing Berlin, Custom-made

Sergei Tchoban, architect and passionate collector of architectural drawings, realized his dream at the Pfefferberg, a former brewery complex which is located at Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. Living in Moscow and Berlin, Tchoban donated the 'Museum of Architectural Drawing' to the city of Berlin, where pieces of his private collection are also part of the exhibition  Tchoban, who also designed the building, has utilized extraordinary design of its concrete surface to capture the onlookers eye.

The museum was built on the site of the former brewery Pfefferberg in immediate proximity to the old industrial buildings. Tchobans idea was that the purpose of the building should be readily discernable from its outer appearance. The concrete building’s four stories are stacked cubically, resembling stacks of paper. 

Tchoban started his collection with the purchase of his first drawing in 2001. Extracts of this drawing decorate the different stories of the building, each floor being adorned with its own motif. The extracts are affixed to the concrete surface in such a way that an overlapping effect is created,  reminiscent of a fanned-out stack of paper. Different areas of the concrete surface are decorated with a groove structure, imitating a drawing stack’s profile.

The further processing of the formliners happened directly at the construction site. There, they were glued onto the framework.

Tchoban decided to use sand-coloured concrete that is reminiscent of yellow parchment paper. At first, the windows appear to be placed jagged and almost arbitrarily but when looking closely, it becomes clear that they follow appropriate lines of the drawing. 

The distinctive design of the Façade already reveals the purpose of the building. When distancing oneself from the building, the more harmonious the overall picture appears to the viewer. When getting closer, on the other hand, exciting details on the surface of concrete can be discovered. The ›Museum of Architectural Drawing‹ was opened in June 2013. 

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