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Nato airfield, Geilenkirchen

A concrete façade with a wooden structure adorns the new hangar building on the NATO airfield. 

A new hangar building was erected on the site of the NATO airfield in Geilenkirchen based on plans by the Aachen-based architectural firm Herkrath + Herkrath. The planners designed a building with a façade made of sandwich elements, which were manufactured as precast concrete by the construction company Erich Tönnissen. 

The architects chose a structure from the RECKLI SELECT series for the face shell of the sandwich elements: The 2/32 Inn design provides a vertically running wood structure on the façade. Branches of different length and width touch or merge with each other, while the surface of the branches appears smooth. 

The matrices measure 3.50 meters by 6.20 meters. RECKLI supplied matrices that can be reused up to 50 times. The formwork inserts imprinted the design into the concrete surface of the sandwich elements during the drying phase. After drying and stripping the formwork, the elements could be installed on the concrete façade. 

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