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Pedestrian underpass, Zhoushan City

A dark tunnel has become an inviting underpass thanks to bright colors and textured exposed concrete.

The pedestrian underpass underneath Haitian Avenue in Zhoushan City stretches for more than 50 meters. The surrounding neighborhood is growing, so traffic is increasing. To take the pressure off infrastructure and offer pedestrians safe passage without cars, the Zhoushan Institute of Planning & Architecture Design drew up plans for an underpass.

As they wanted to avoid the oppressive feel of a tunnel, the architects opted for colored tiles to make bold accents. They are framed by textured exposed concrete. To this end, five formliners with the 2/244 Jamaica design from the RECKLI SELECT series were used. Precast plant CCCC Junpu ordered 4 formliners measuring 2,730 x 995 mm and used these to design 212.75 square meters of exposed concrete.

The precast class C35 concrete elements were treated with staining products from NAWKAW and finished with silver and gold metallic stains. To protect the surfaces from the elements and vandalism, they were sealed with RECKLI’s OS HO treatment.

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