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Residential buildings, Krakow

An elegant, black and white façade and clever arrangement of the buildings at the Osiedle Fi complex provide an attractive living environment. 

The alphabet served as the architects’ inspiration for the residential buildings at Osiedle Fi in Krakow: the buildings in this complex are all variations on the letter L. One of the buildings has been positioned centrally on the site, with the other four grouped around it. 

This arrangement allowed the Warsaw-based firm 22Architekci to create a large, central inner courtyard for each building with a small, more intimate green space. Each home has a view of greenery. For the façade, the architects decided for a curtain façade on the base with GRFC panels in the highest class of exposed concrete. 

The concrete was designed with textured formliners from the RECKLI SELECT series: the 2/29 Fulda design is a wave texture that applies vertically arranged U-shaped elevations to the façade. 

The prefabricated concrete parts were manufactured in the Pankreator precast plant: just 30 square meters of formliners were used to mold around 500 square meters of concrete. Finally, the concrete surfaces were treated with RECKLI OS-W surface treatment to seal them from the elements.  

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