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Conquering the World from Herne

The history of RECKLI started in 1968 with the idea of forming concrete both aesthetically and economically. 50 years later, the RECKLI name stands for freedom of design in shaping concrete.


The procurement of the new 5-axle mill means that extremely complex 3D objects can now be created in the workshop. These can be used as templates to cast even more challenging and extremely detailed formliners.

The new management system is introduced at factory 3. The employee orientation system brings the RECKLI corporate design onto the factory floor.

RECKLI delivers the largest order of liquid resin to date to a studio near Hamburg, where a special project is in progress for Mercedes Benz under the strictest secrecy: the car manufacturer is building an original model from 1979 in synthetic resin in honor of their new G class. Over 8,892 hours of work and 40,708 liters of synthetic resin go into creating a 52-ton amber cube. From Hamburg, it makes its way to the International Auto Show in Detroit, where it is a complete success.


RECKLI celebrates 50 years. In its 50th anniversary year, the company looks back at healthy growth and innovative products. The company celebrates their success over the last five decades with partners and employees at a gala in September. 

RECKLI continues to grow. The expansion of the hall in factory 2 creates additional capacity for the production of custom shapes. 

The range of products also continues to expand: new products are introduced in the Nevado texture and artico. The new coated plastic foils facilitate the easily and effective transfer of images and graphics onto concrete: using surface retarders, the motifs are applied onto the concrete and the treated areas are precisely washed. 

The redesign and modernization of the corporate identity pays off. RECKLI’s main catalog, the Patternbook, and the second edition of the in-house magazine FORMLINER are awarded the German Brand Award for exceptional branding. 

The third edition of the RECKLI FORMLINER magazine is published. The magazine focuses on the topic of change and takes a look at the exciting world of architectural concrete in reports and case studies.