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US Formliner as an Employer

Our employees are at the core of our company. We are convinced that well trained, satisfied employees are committed and make sound decisions. That is why, at US Formliner, we place great value on the selection, management and development of our employees.

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Career Opportunities


Ann Swenson

Ann serves as the Controller for US Formliner and manages all the day-to-day bookkeeping, accounting, and invoicing.


Rosi Dixon

Rosi Dixon serves as the marketing director for US Formliner. She is responsible for creating marketing materials for US Formliner which include the website, AIA presentations, brochures, corporate communications, and social media.


Joerg Hein

Joerg has been engaged in the formliner industry since 2005. He has worked throughout the world in technical and production roles. Joerg joined Us Formliner as Production Manager in 2016.


Kaelee Craven

Kaelee is the Regional Sales Manager for the US Formliner Northeast, new England and Mid Atlantic region.


Sonny Arora

Sonny is the Regional Sales Manager for US Formliner sales in Canada.


Ronda Gilbert

Ronda is the Regional Sales Manager for the US Formliner midwest and west coast sales region.


Layne Chastain

Layne is the Regional Sales Manager for the US Formliner southeastern sales region.


Ray Clark

Ray was hired at the formation of US Formliner to manage the company's day-to-day business.


Russell Gray

Russell is the President of US Formliner. He oversees all company operations.