To achieve only the best results with our products, RECKLI offers a variety of professional tools and accessories.


A brushable and spatula-spreadable two-component synthetic. The product is suited for touching up on and repairing molds, installations, formliners and forms made of RECKLI PURE elastomers.


A ready-to-use release agent for mold making, it ensures a safe release effect when using two-component resins on polyurethane or epoxy-resin bases. The wax is also suited for separating silicone from silicone.

RECKLI Formliner Adhesive SO

For gluing of RECKLI Formliners 1/(...) and 2/(...) and moulds made of RECKLI PUR Elastomer to the entire surface, two components.

Mixing ratio:

4:1 by weight approx. 750 - 1000 g/m² potlife appr. 40 min (200g).

RECKLI Formliner Cleanser

Only for cleaning of the rear of RECKLI Formliners 1/(...) and 2/(...) before glueing.


Approx. 250 cm³/m² let evaporate solvents totally

RECKLI Formliner Knife

Rugged, handy knife with stationary blade for cutting RECKLI Formliners 2/(...).

RECKLI Mixing Pail

Solid plastic pail with two handles for a permanent action. Available in sizes of 40-L-content and 75-L-content.

RECKLI Serrated Trowel

For an even spreading of pasty or liquid material, blade size approx. 14 x 28 cm, tooth depth approx. 2 mm.

RECKLI Spiral Stirrer

Suitable for electric drilling maschines, for mixing liquid or pasty material.

RECKLI Stop Off Paste PUR

Two components, pasty, for making flexible stop-offs on RECKLI-Formliners.

RECKLI-Profile Knife

Profiled knife for later cutting of single-piece moulds made of elastic silicones or polyurethanes, profile leads to a matching effect.


RECKLI PUR-Sealant is a liquid, solvent-containing, ready for use one-component polyurethane sealant with high solid content. It hardens in contact with humidity.


Contains: Formliner knife, Serrated Trowel, Spiral Stirrer, Grinding Disk.


A ready-to-use concrete removal agent to apply to US Formliner formliners and solvent resistant, absorbing casing bases. It does not cause any adhesion issues when further processing the concrete.


A ready-to-use concrete removal agent for long encasing periods. The properties coincide with the Release Wax TL. A chemically active release effect ensures a problem-free removal in the case of drying periods of more than 24 hours.


A watery, ready-to-use concrete removal agent, it is suitable for use with US Formliner formliners as well as non-absorbent casing bases. It protects from staining and imprints, without causing adhesive problems during later finishing.