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LOOKBOOK #2 – Form Follows Future

Architecture can be innovative and revolutionary. In the 21st century, architecture is faced with new challenges – it can move something, come up with practical solutions and still be aesthetically courageous. The new LOOKBOOK translates a selection of our 250 Select textures with diverse surfaces and motifs into futuristic designs from the perspective of “Form Follows Function”. The Future Collection builds on our “Form Follows Future” study to include three exclusive, newly developed textures.

Should we look to the past for the future of architecture?

In the second edition of LOOKBOOK, architects find inspiration from custom patterns to geometric shapes. The seemingly familiar is shown in a new context and so takes on a new architectural life.

The LOOKBOOK reconsiders the design of concrete façades. Strong, malleable, adaptable: concrete has revolutionized the world of construction - and we are revolutionizing design with concrete. In LOOKBOOK, RECKLI presents modern interpretations and exposed concrete façade design trends. The collection showcases concrete textures in a new light, inspiring new façade designs with our favorite material.

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Future Collection

Can architecture solve problems or just react to them?

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