Partnerships & cooperations


As a manufacturer of elastic formliners, we work closely with precast factories. Together with our partners, we create unique architectural concrete and offer architects and planners a comprehensive service.


As a specialist in architectural concrete, RECKLI is engaged in networks and industry organisations. By cooperating with strong partners in the industry, RECKLI can listen to the market and thus sets new impulses.

Information Center Concrete

The ICC (IZB) is a network for all partners at the construction site with a focus on cement-bound construction methods. The center supports new areas of application for cement-bound building materials and the application of innovative products and processes. RECKLI provides input on the numerous design possibilities of architectural concrete.

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German Association of Pre-Cast Concrete Industries

In the network for pre-cast plants, the partners debate their demands placed on products for façade design and discuss interesting trends and changes to construction regulations. RECKLI sees that engagement as an opportunity for continuous self-optimization.

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International Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA)

Today the network contains more than 80 companies from 25 countries. The GRCA organises international conference as a representive of the glasfibre concrete Industry.

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