RECKLI offers forms for the design and production of artificial stone. As well as standard patterning on concrete slabs, the WetCast system also makes it possible to design with text, pictograms or photos. The Stoneliner acts like a stamp to press textures into concrete, which can then be immediately removed from the form.


The WetCast forms serve to produce models for curbs, non-slip shapes and floor panels. The shapes are durable and long-lasting: their special elasticity guarantees the easy removal of concrete pieces. They are abrasion resistant and do not deform even when used frequently. WetCast forms are similar to silicone cake molds. As well as the standard textures, custom logos, pictograms, text and even photos can be immortalized in concrete with wetcast forms. Furthermore, RECKLI also offers separators and impregnations for the use and care of your forms.

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The Stoneliner is a practical helper in producing concrete panels that are used on paths or in garden design. It works like a stamp, and can be pressed into smooth or textured concrete panels.
Unlike wetcast forms, where liquid concrete is poured into the form, the stoneliner requires a very inflexible consistency of concrete to be pressed into the form and then compacted with the stamp. The concrete is then hard enough to be removed immediately. The form can then be used again right away.

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