RECKLI employs more than 100 staff members, the majority of which at the Herne site. We place a lot of value on supporting and managing our teams, on fair compensation and the reconcilability of family and work. The profiles of our employees provide an insight into what drives us and what it is like working for RECKLI.

Application Engineering

Christian Czernio

After 30 years in a craft business, Christian Czernio had to reinvent himself professionally. RECKLI proved to be a strong partner for him.

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Human Resources

Tanja Kronenberger

The return to RECKLI gave Tanja Kronenberger the desired chance to realize her career without making any private compromises. 

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General Management

Lutz Hammer

As one of the two managing directors, Lutz is the most important contact person at RECKLI, both internally and externally. Despite a busy schedule, he always has a funny anecdote on his lips.

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Mold Making

Jochen Kalender

Jochen started in mold making as a carpentry apprentice with RECKLI. In the meantime, he is a master, head of the model making department and advises the colleagues from the American subsidiary US Formliner.

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Predrag Milic

After he had lost his job at Nokia, Predrag Milic worked in the production department at RECKLI. Today, he is the deputy production manager.

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Olcay Turgut

The closure of the Nokia factory robbed Olcay Turgut of his job and chances for promotion. He discovered new career options at RECKLI.

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Work Planning

Mark Humbert

Mark Humbert has never regretted his choice of training program. Working in a model making workshop fitted his skills well, awakened new passions - and led to a promotion.

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