The RECKLI Sustainability Commitment

Building on the future


Climate change, digitalisation, urbanisation or the strengthening of human rights - all topics that also affect us as a company. To which we must react. Be it in the form of new processes. Or in the context of new product solutions. At the top of our agenda: the topic of sustainability. Particularly as part of the resource-intensive construction industry, we see ourselves as having a responsibility here. And we are happy to assume this responsibility - for our environment and for our employees. With the world's only ISCC PLUS-certified textured formliner, we are actively committed to realising a more sustainable world.

We have to change - not the climate

We love individual architecture. We love structures and unusual façades. To ensure that this will still be the case tomorrow, we have been working for some time on making our products more sustainable. We optimise our raw materials. We reduce the CO2 emissions of our products. We research recycling and substitution possibilities for plastics and packaging. And we advise on CO2-optimised concrete.

Equally important: our formliners can be reused up to 100 times. In this way, we reduce the amount of raw materials used to a minimum and save material and resources. For our model construction, we only use certified raw materials, which we source regionally as far as possible. Finally, as a globally active company, the shipping of our products also plays a major role. Here we take care to supply our customers all over the world as efficiently as possible. 

The most sustainable textured formliner in the world - ISCC PLUS certified

We are constantly working on making our structural formliners more sustainable. An important step on this way: the ISCC+ certification. This makes us the only manufacturer to date to offer formliners that meet the sustainability requirements of the ISCC throughout the entire supply chain - from the first raw material to the finished product. In concrete terms, this means that our certified formliners consist of up to 90% sustainable raw materials. The ISCC is a global sustainability certification system that covers all raw materials and markets.

As part of the resource-intensive construction industry, we at RECKLI take responsibility by optimising our raw materials and reducing CO2 emissions. Thanks to these efforts, our ISCC+ certification has been extended for another year, underlining our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Production process of our sustainability mould

Our RECKLI FormlinerECO can be ordered immediately and is available for every die product. Establishment in our existing processes guarantees the familiar high quality. Reusability, resilience and attention to detail remain excellent.

Composition of the raw materials

We source our raw materials exclusively from selected partners, which enables us to guarantee that 90% fossil raw materials are used. The quantities of fossil raw materials used are minimized.

Production of the Formliner

The manufactured polyurethane is then cast individually according to customer requirements. The die is characterized by its high reusability and can be used up to 100 times.

Production of the matrix raw material polyurethane

Our RECKLI formliners are made from our own polyurethane. We focus on the high requirements of the ISCC and thus guarantee a high level of sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.


The result is the world's first sustainable formliner to date, which is used as a highlight in architectural concrete in particular. For this reason, RECKLI was awarded the ISCC+ seal.

The advantages of our sustainability formliner

• Use of up to 90% renewable resources instead of fossil resources
• Procurement of raw materials from certified, sustainable partners
• Our moulds can be reused up to 100 times
• Adaptability to different structures and series productions
• Polyurethane quality "Made in Germany"

Focus on people

In addition to protecting our planet, we are also aware of our social responsibility. Our employees are at the centre of this. Because one thing is important to us: with us, you are a human being. The fact that we take this seriously is demonstrated by our low staff turnover, long length of service and an open and family-like corporate culture that values healthy interaction. We also support and advocate cooperation with social institutions in the region. These include, for example, the workshops for disabled people (WfbM) in Gelsenkirchen and Recklinghausen.

Successful since 1968

We bring facades to life. Give them a face. Concrete is in our blood. That is our DNA - ever since RECKLI was founded in 1968. We are trendsetters. Providers of ideas. Experts. But also much more. And we are successful. Because architecture never stands still - and we have always evolved with it. We continue to do this today by investing continuously - in the research and development of our products as well as in the training and further education of our employees.

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