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Museum of the Polish Army, Warsaw, Poland

The project

Although the Polish Army Museum was founded in 1920, it never had its own premises. This is now changing with the two buildings designed by the WXCA architectural firm on the extensive grounds of the Warsaw Citadel. These buildings are also an important part of the Museum Quarter, which has been under construction at this location for several years.


The southern of the two planned museum buildings was recently completed. The robust, rectangular structure refers to the history of the site - and offers 12,000 m2 of space for a permanent exhibition on the history of the Polish armed forces, temporary exhibitions and a hall for cultural events. Glass facades between the eight functional blocks create a connection to the green areas of the surrounding park.

The textured matrix

The 7.5 meter high external facade is also impressive. Colored architectural concrete was used for this, reminiscent of the brick walls of the Warsaw Citadel. In order to break up the monumentality of the blocks, the concrete has a specially developed chevron pattern. The required textural matrices were custom manufactured in our factory with RECKLI UNIQUE. The result: A unique facade structure that creates interesting plays of light and shadow over an area of over 1,000 m2 and makes visiting the Citadel an aesthetic experience at any time of the year.

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