Over 250 structures in six categories.

RECKLI SELECT is a collection of versatile concrete textures from natural to imaginary. More than 250 designs bring stone, rock, brickwork, wood, plaster, oriental, abstract and non-slip patterns as well as ribbed or wave textures and broken effects to any façade.


Abstract designs play with geometric shapes, straight lines, diagonals, systematic and wild arrangement. 

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Stone & Masonry

Concrete transforms into rock, rough stone, natural or rubble stones. A new brickwork look emerges with a systematic layout.

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Grain, bamboo, reed, asymmetrically butt-joined boards: Wood patterns provide a natural look without increased care needs.

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Plaster patterns reflect the look of various plaster methods. The effect can be accentuated with colors. 

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Ribs & Waves

Straight-lined, chipped, broken, slanted ribs and waves optionally lend lightness or solidity. 

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The special surface pattern with its sand-like texture, ripples, pastilles or pimples guarantee the highest anti-slippery.

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