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Frequently asked questions Concrete Formliners

What are concrete formliners?

Concrete formliners are elastic formwork inserts used to structure exposed concrete surfaces (structural concrete). They are made of rubber-like polyurethane elastomers and can be used multiple times due to their high elasticity and flexibility. Custom designs, natural structures, lettering and even photos can be applied to concrete façades with the help of elastic formwork inserts. Formliners are durable and cost-saving.

What does the use of RECKLI formliners cost?

The actual costs of using the formliners depend on the selected product line and the product itself, and on how often the formliner is used afterwards (reusability/quantity of surface to be concreted). In addition, there are factors such as production in in-situ concrete or in the precast plant as well as which formwork cycle is planned.

Calculation examples can be found on our website here

What is the cost of producing a master mould for formliners of the RECKLI UNIQUE and RECKLI VISUALS series?

We create a master mould for formliner production for custom-made formliners from the RECKLI UNIQUE or RECKLI VISUALS series. The price of a master mould is calculated according to the material consumption and the required working time. The more elaborate the structure, the more the master mould costs.  However, since the master mould construction and the formliner are always considered together, this is a mixed calculation. The more formliners that can be produced on a master mould, the cheaper the template ultimately becomes.

On average, template construction costs between 500 and 1000 euros per square metre. However, this only serves as a rough guide and always needs to be determined separately for each project.


What accessories do I need when using formliner?

We offer the following additional materials as standard with an order

  • Stripping Wax
  • Formliner Adhesive
  • Possibly toolkit

We would be happy to advise you on the products you need.


Are the required additional materials included in the price?

The required accessories must be calculated individually for each order and are therefore not included in the formliner price. The release agent, for example, must be applied before each concreting, so the amount required depends on the frequency of use.

How much adhesive is needed to glue on a formliner?

The amount of adhesive always depends on the square metre size of the formliner. As a rule, you need 1 kg of matrix adhesive per square metre.

Example: 10 sqm formliner = 10 kg matrix adhesive.

Further information can be found in our technical data sheet, which you can download from our website on the respective product page.


Is application of RECKL formliner complicated?

No, RECKLI formliner are easy to handle and are therefore used in a wide variety of areas from façade design to floor and interior design. Our elastic formliner are delivered rolled to the precast plant or to the construction site. They are glued to the formwork and waxed with release agent, then concrete can be poured. After the concrete has hardened, the formwork is removed and the formliner can be reused.

You can also find our complete application video here
Our RECKLI experts are also happy to provide on-site support and advice on your specific application.


Who is my local contact person?

Our RECKLI experts support you worldwide in every phase of the project.
You can find our worldwide contacts here


What is the delivery time for formliners?

We cast each formliner individually from the template after receiving the order. We need one working day per formliner for this. The formliner then have to cure for a further 7 days before they can be delivered.

It is important to note that production is also dependent on mould utilisation.  In addition to the production time, there is the delivery time to the destination.

For formliner of the UNIQUE and VISUALS series, the production time for the master mould construction is also added.


Does RECKLI also supply the concrete element?

We have a large network of concrete manufacturers as well as precast plants. We would be happy to help you find a suitable partner. You also have the option of finding a suitable precast plant near you via

What type of concrete can be used?

Beyond the standard requirements, formliners do not require any additional measures with regard to the type, composition, consistency or quality of the fresh concrete. Concreting and compacting can be done as usual.

Tip: To obtain an optimum result, we recommend making a test pour in advance to guarantee the compatibility of the concrete formulation and the formliner.

How do I dispose of the formliner?

RECKLI formliner consist of polyurethane elastomers, therefore they can be disposed of under waste code 120105 of the European waste list (waste from mechanical shaping/plastic parts/plastic chips and turnings) as waste requiring supervision via your local waste disposal company.

What needs to be considered in the tendering process?

When tendering for formliner, it should be noted that this item is an additional item in the bill of quantities and not an individual service item.

The tender texts serve as text inserts in the LV items and should be individually supplemented and/or modified according to the object requirements. Of course, the text examples can also be used in excerpts. We do not claim that these text templates are exhaustive.

The tender texts for formliners, photoconcrete, surface retarders and surface protection can be found in the download here.


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