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Frequently asked questions Concrete Formliners

I’m building with a very tight budget. Are RECKLI products even suitable for my project?

RECKLI formliners can be used for small and large building projects. With our elastic formliners, you can economically implement design ideas from a small logo to a garden wall or a vast façade. The formliners are stretchy yet robust and can be reused up to 100 times so you get the most out of your budget. Their elasticity guarantees high-quality results with homogenous, detailed surfaces without broken edges.

Where can I find out more about RECKLI products?

You can find more information on RECKLI formliners, instructions, product brochures, our pattern book and our magazine FORMLINER on our website: Any questions? Give us a call: +49 2323 1706-0 or write to us:

Is using RECKLI formliners complicated?

RECKLI formliners are easy to use, which is why they’re popular in a wide range of areas from façade design to flooring and interior design. Our elastic formliners can be delivered to a precast plant or construction site. They are glued to the casing and treated with release agents, then are ready for concreting. Once the concrete is hardened, the casing is removed and the formliner can be used again.

Who should I contact?

RECKLI experts support our customers all around the world through each phase of their projects. We have technicians and advisors in many regions to provide our customers with competent specialized knowledge. You can see all our contact partners on our website:

Does RECKLI also supply the concrete?

No. RECKLI is in touch with a large network of concrete producers and precast plants, so we can help you find the perfect partner. Our formliners can be used to create prefabricated parts or castin-place concrete.

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