Surface protection systems protect exposed concrete surfaces from moisture, dirt and graffiti. Water especially washes harmful substances, microorganisms and salts into the concrete surface. In the long run, they attack structural integrity and lead to cracks or spalling. RECKLI surface protection seals new and older concrete, either colorlessly or with an added optical effect. Impregnations can be used to treat façade panels, in-situ concrete constructions, concrete blocks and terrazzo flooring.


Colorless impregnation

The protective systems RECKLI OS-D, OS-HO and OS-Premium are suited for the impregnation of fresh concrete. They permeate the top layer and chemically bind with it. Since the impregnation forms a film, the surface pattern and coloring of the concrete remain the same.

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Effect impregnation

RECKLI OS-Intensive and OS-W are impregnations for processed and absorbent surfaces such as washed-out concrete, pattern concrete, sandblasted or acidified concrete. The protective systems can be applied to fresh concrete, are absorbed by the surface and form a protective film.

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Graffix is a colorless impregnation, that guarantees permanent graffiti-protection without inhibiting the coloring. The product can already be applied to still-fresh concrete at the precast plant. The protective film prevents graffiti-color from permeating the concrete surface.

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