Architectural Concrete with a depth effect: Light-independent visualization of photos and graphics in the concrete surface. For unlimited freedom of design.

RECKLI Artico® NEO Design

With our artico® neo design collection we present you motifs which are available as a standard. With a maximum size of the plastic foil of 3.15m × 25m (printable area 3,10 m x 25m) we deliver these designs in rolls. The foil can easily be cut to the desired size on site. The designs are horizontally and vertically repeatable.

RECKLI artico® neo Individual

Your custom design or photo is printed in the max. dimension of 3.10m x 25m on a plastic foil (foil dimension 3,15m x 25m) or 3.35m x 25m (foil dimension 3.40m x 25m) and cut to the desired size. We take care of the preparation of the files and send a visualization on request. Photos are fragmented into halftone dots just like in newspaper printing. Their size depends on the image template and the viewing distance and is defined project-specifically. For a flat fee, we will be happy to provide you with a mock-up for sampling or send you a free standard sample package
on the basis of which the precast plant can optimize the concrete recipe.
Designs that have been produced once can be re-ordered at any time. Thanks to the special production process, no setup costs arise.

Manufacturing process


RECKLI prints the design onto a special foil.


The artico foil is placed inside the shell.


The concrete is poured into the shell.


Once the concrete has hardened, the concrete element can be removed. 


The foil is simply removed from the exposed concrete element and the concrete is washed out with a high-pressure cleaner.


The interplay of washed and smooth surfaces makes the design visible on the concrete surface.

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