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Grenswerk, Venlo, Netherlands

Two RECKLI patterns were used in the interior of the new concert house in Venlo: Somme lends a special look to the concert hall while Fraser enhances the interior.

Venlo has a new cultural facility in the middle of the historic city center. The concert house is called Grenswerk, which has established itself as the new creative and cultural heart of the Dutch city. In addition to concert and dance events, the new building also encompasses a café and a meeting point for volunteer work.

As the Grenswerk is located in the old city center, the planers oriented the façade design on the surrounding historical patterns: The brown brick appearance borrows from medieval façades. Large windows add a modern twist.

For the interior, the architects decided to place the concert hall in the center of the building and thus combined symbolism and use: The arrangement accentuates, for one, that culture is at the center of things at the Grenswerk. Furthermore, is ensures additional noise insulation. The public areas of the building that surround the concert hall function as an extra sound buffer.

In the inner area, the standard pattern Fraser loosens the exposed concrete surfaces up with its natural wooden look. The Somme pattern was applied in the concert hall, which combines wood and rock patterns. It thereby incorporates a design element of the interior and leaves its own mark in the central area of the building at the same time. 

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