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Private residence, Mazovia, Poland

A curtain façade in more than one sense: not only are the concrete elements installed as a curtain construction, but the concrete also looks like an actual curtain.

“Curtain House” is the name of this residential building in Warsaw’s green outer suburbs – and one glance at the architectural details makes it clear why: the house is clad in metal, wood and concrete. Each material brings its own texture to the façade of this 450 square meter home. The concrete façade elements create gentle waves and actually drape around the house like a curtain.

The house was designed by Polish firm Trzop Architekci and completed in 2017. To create the effect on the precast concrete elements, formliners from the RECKLI SELECT series were used. The 2/169 Columbia design applies a wave-like curtain texture to the exposed concrete surface, which looks light and airy thanks to undulations of different widths and depths. 

The concrete elements were poured at the DMD Budownictwo precast plant and comply with the highest level of exposed concrete. The precast elements have been installed as a curtain wall. 

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