Christian Czernio | Application Engineering

The insolvency of his employer brought Christian Czernio’s career as a plasterer to an abrupt end in 2014. With a new start at RECKLI, he developed further professionally and yet was able to be active on familiar terrain.

Christian Czernio worked as a plasterer for three decades in a family-run business. Three decades in which the employer and employee had built a strong relationship. Hence the insolvency of the small business came as quite a shock for Czernio in 2014. Such a loss of job can easily lead to a sense of loss of identity. 

Fortunately, thanks to Czernio’s work routine, a new opportunity emerged: As a plasterer, he had regularly worked with RECKLI elastomers and resin. When the master at his company had an appointment with a field representative of RECKLI, he included Czernio at short notice. “After the first meeting and a pleasant talk, I was immediately certain that I would really enjoy working there”, he remembers today. Following a second interview, which he recollects more as an engaged and interested exchange, he received a job confirmation from RECKLI just one day later.

Czernio has been working as an applications engineer in Herne since July 2015. He takes care of customer support and customer visits domestically and abroad, assists with the setup and dismantling of trade fair booths and is available for potential customers at the booths. In addition, he organizes and leads workshops for RECKLI partners, staff and customers. At the RECKLI technical center, he develops and tests new products. He also builds new models and revises older samples at the workshop. A task that is right up his alley: During his induction period he really enjoyed spending time in the model-making workshop as his craftsman's heart beats faster whenever he works with wood. 

Czernio cherishes the versatility of his area of responsibility at RECKLI. “My interests and talents are squarely focused on manual craft. I really enjoy the manifold creative possibilities that we have with our products. Getting to know and working with people from all over the world is also exciting and a great enrichment for me,” he says. His job combines manual work with desk work, where he answers detailed questions about products or seeks solutions to application problems in phone conversations with customers. If a remote diagnosis does not suffice, he also travels to customers to provide help in person. 

Despite all his personal responsibility, he appreciates RECKLI's commitment as an employer. “The safety and health of our employees are not just empty phrases here, but take a high priority”, he says. RECKLI ensures that all employees are up to date when they are instructed on the machines and encourages regular medical checks to ensure chemicals are handled safely. At the same time, as an employee, he makes use of the training that the company offers to him. In order to optimally master more complicated situations with customers or colleagues, he completed personality and communication training sessions. He honed his skills for how to appear before customers in consulting and trade fair events in the course of a seminar on presenting successfully. 

He proudly mentions that the experiences at RECKLI repeatedly confirm that he has found the right employer. "Even though we are a globally active company, we deal with each other and our superiors in a familiar way. Concerns can be easily addressed and clarified." Hence he is particularly pleased to have been able to return the sense of appreciation to his employer when he worked on the RECKLI formula. The formula reflects the company’s principles and values. At RECKLI, Czernio totally lives according to principle number two: Here, you are a person.

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