A secure workplace with promotion opportunities. What Olcay Turgut appreciates about RECKLI is that the company opens doors for him to steadily grow in his job.

Born in Herne, Olcay Turgut, like so many inhabitants of the Ruhr region, has unquenchable drive. As a shipping employee at DHL's Nokia plant in Bochum, he worked his way up to the position of deputy foreman. Until the closure of the Nokia plant shocked everyone: The jobs in shipping were also cut.

Although this turned his professional life upside down, Olcay did not sit around idly. He actively looked for a new job and came across RECKLI through an acquaintance: He introduced himself personally several times, yet he needed to be patient initially as there were no vacant positions. Olcay absolved a six-month training as a tool tester; and finally a position was advertised at RECKLI. 

By chance, another interested party named Olcay was on the list of applicants. Luckily, there was a surprise at his namesake’s interview: "It turned out that the applicant actually wanted to work as a lab technician - and the second Olcay was invited," he recounts. Olcay came to the interview and won the competition thanks to his personality and qualifications, including his truck driving license. Shortly afterwards he took up his new position in mold production. 

While on the job hunt, he really wanted to work in an environment with promotion opportunities again. Although he enjoyed his job in mold production and liked the colleagues, he wanted to take on more responsibility. When no opportunities became apparent in his department, Olcay sought out his superiors. Managing Director Dr. Bernd Trompeter offered him the chance to move to a highly familiar department: If he chose to, he could work in shipping and continue to climb the career ladder from there. Olcay was thrilled and agreed. “There is a lot of variety, and no assembly line work - it never gets monotonous," says Olcay. The teamwork, colleagues and appreciation among the group also mean a lot to him. 

He still has his sights firmly set on promotion. "I already worked as a deputy in my area in my previous company and am now striving to do so again," he says. He wants to take part in training courses in order to be able to assume personnel responsibility in the future. "At RECKLI, your own strengths and wishes are taken into account. We work together at eye level, here, I appreciate that the most."

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