Predrag Milic | Production

Predrag Milic started working for RECKLI after being laid off at Nokia. The medium-sized company in Herne offers him even more career opportunities.

RECKLI was a new start for Predrag Milic. Two years earlier he had just bought a house when his former employer Nokia announced the closing of the Bochum plant in 2008. Predrag moved to a temporary company, finished building his house by himself and started looking for a new job. That's when he found RECKLI: In April 2011, he began producing, cutting and shipping formliners for our production facility.

He was soon doing the work like a pro. But the final product and the results it delivers have never become routine for him. Predrag continues to be fascinated by the potential of formliners today. Large-scale projects and custom-made items such as the molds for a 5000 square meter area at an army base in Qatar are highlights for him and his colleagues in production. They are especially curious about seeing the final product in such projects. “The finished façade is still always a surprise to us,” says Predrag.

In 2013, Predrag became deputy production manager – a promotion that would not have been open to him at his former place of employment in Bochum. “RECKLI offers more career options than Nokia,” says Predrag. Another promotion followed in mid-2016 when he moved up to the position of production manager. Predrag organizes, controls and monitors the production processes, and takes care of quality assurance and adherence to the delivery deadlines.

As production manager, he is responsible for personnel, works out shift schedules, monitors quality and productivity, and is the contact person for employees. Predrag approaches his position with the same flat hierarchy he already enjoyed as an associate and deputy production manager: “We can try out a new shift model, for example, and just drop it if it doesn't work.” Openness to changes and test runs makes it easier for him and his team to do their work. “There are new jobs every day and new challenges to overcome.” What really brings him fulfillment beyond the job title is the exchanges and cooperation with his team.

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