When working with polyurethane-elastomers, release agents ensure that the form can be safely removed from the formliner. Release agents are also used in producing replicas to protect the cast, e.g. from discoloration. Release agents are not necessarily needed when working with silicone-elastomers, but are recommended.


Stripping Wax TL

A ready-to-use concrete removal agent to apply to US Formliner formliners and solvent resistant, absorbing casing bases. It does not cause any adhesion issues when further processing the concrete.

Stripping Wax TL-Eco

RECKLI Stripping Wax TL-Eco is a high-quality, dilute, demoulding agent from renewable material, specially developed for RECKLI formliners. The product physically works via film formation. It is suitable for application on non-absorbent formwork made of sealed wood or plastic.

Stripping Wax TL-SO

A ready-to-use concrete removal agent for long encasing periods. The properties coincide with the Release Wax TL. A chemically active release effect ensures a problem-free removal in the case of drying periods of more than 24 hours.

Stripping Wax TL-W

A watery, ready-to-use concrete removal agent, it is suitable for use with US Formliner formliners as well as non-absorbent casing bases. It protects from staining and imprints, without causing adhesive problems during later finishing.