Custom wishes for sophisticated façade designs.

RECKLI UNIQUE brings unique designs to any façade. RECKLI specialists produce custom formliners to the customer’s personal vision. RECKLI UNIQUE realizes brave design concepts and restoration projects with complicated motifs.

Production methods


The original form is either molded out of plaster or produced with the support of a computer. The image model and digital drawings are transferred into a file for the CNC milling machine by a computer. It cuts the pattern into board material. 


The plaster- and mill-cast is sealed with a release wax and provided with a forming frame. Subsequently, a liquid elastomer is poured onto the cast to produce the formliner.


After the synthetic solidifies, the forming frame can be removed. The high elasticity of the formliner enables a reproduction of the pattern that is true to detail and makes it robust enough to be reused multiple times (up to 100 times).


The formliner is glued to the mold and waxed with release agents before the concrete is cast.


The formliner can be used at the precast plant and in in-situ concrete.


After the concrete has hardened, the element can be removed with no problem. The formliner is ready to use again, up to 100 times depending on the type.


Luitpoldbad Government Center, Bad Kissingen, Germany
Association School, Volkach, Germany
State Music School No. 1, Warsaw, Poland
Emigration Center, Bremerhaven
Data center, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Residential Building, Beijing, China
Memorial, Warsaw, Poland
Shopping Mall, Turin
Diesel Concept Store, New York, USA
Natural History Museum, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Illuster Shopping Mall, Uster, Switzerland
Shopping Center Eastern Creek Quarter, Sydney, Australia
“Eden”, Residential Tower, Singapore
Eastsite XII office building, Mannheim, Germany
Ludwig-Börne-Schule, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Simon Fraser University, Surrey, Canada
Steigenberger Group Location, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Traverse highway N31, Harlingen, Netherlands
Woodside Health Centre, Glasgow, Scotland
Television Center, London, England
Forum Z, Zurich, Switzerland
Katyn Museum, Warsaw, Poland
Beach Huts, Milford on Sea, England
FHNW Campus Muttenz, Basel, Switzerland
Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
White Collar Factory, London, England
Ackermannquerung, Gummersbach, Germany
Titanic Hotel, Berlin, Germany
Court house, Siedlce, Poland
Sportcampus Zuiderpark, Den Haag, Netherlands
Herbert Lechner AG, Vinschgau, Italy
University, Vienna, Austria
Kap Europa, Frankfurt, Germany
Elbe Island, Kaltehofe, Germany
AL-KO, Kötz, Germany
Cokery Zollverein, Essen, Germany
Cremer Museum, Enschede, Netherlands