RECKLI offers a whole range of supplementary products for optimal results when using elastic textured formliners. We have all the accessories you need to cut and glue formliners, for easy and complete removal and for cleaning both formliners and tools.


Formliner Adhesive 1K

RECKLI 1K formliner adhesive is a moisture-hardening, solvent-free, single-component plastic adhesive for the low-tension adhesion of RECKLI textured formliners. This adhesive is suitable for use on wood, steel and polyurethane elastomers.

PUR barrier paste

RECKLI PUR barrier paste is a cold-setting, elastic, two-component, polyurethane-based plastic to produce tailor-made barriers on RECKLI textured formliners. The freshly mixed product becomes a paste when poured and allows the creation of custom elastic barriers for the production of concrete elements using textured formliners and moulds.

SO Formliner Adhesive

RECKLI SO formliner adhesive is an elastified, solvent-free, two-component epoxy-based plastic adhesive. It is especially designed to glue RECKLI textured formliners to wooden or steel shells. This adhesive boasts good adhesion to wood, steel and polyurethane elastomers.

Stripping Wax TL-Eco

RECKLI Stripping Wax TL-Eco is a high-quality, dilute, demoulding agent from renewable material, specially developed for RECKLI formliners. The product physically works via film formation. It is suitable for application on non-absorbent formwork made of sealed wood or plastic.

Toothed Smoother

The RECKLI Toothed Smoother is a tool for the uniform application of materials in paste or fluid form. The sheet size is 14x28cm, the tooth depth is approx. 2mm.