Freedom of design in forming concrete: The US Formliner name stands for years of architectural concrete with the highest demands on design and individuality. Architects and planners around the world trust us as manufacturers of reusable, elastic shapes and formliners.

Your creativity is limitless with US Formliner products. The combination of state-of-the-art mechanical technology and traditional craftsmanship allows for the implementation of customized patterns, images, photos and three-dimensional visualizations. Beyond that, US Formliner already offers more than 200 ready-made designs with imaginative, stone, brickwork, wooden, plastered, ribbed, abstract as well as functional patterns. High-quality surface refiners such as concrete retarders, concrete activators, photo-concrete-foils, impregnation and protective systems as well as products for colored surface design expand the product range and make us specialists for architectural concrete.

The Products

More than 50 years of research and development are combined within our products. In addition to our ready-made formliners, we also offer products that allow you to create your own moulds. Polyurethanes, silicones, epoxies, and fillers as well as corresponding accessories by US Formliner are used by customers worldwide every day.

Our Customers

In addition to precast manufacturers and the cast-in-place concrete industry, customers from the most diverse and exciting fields trust our products. Notable producers from the ceramics industry have been manufacturing US Formliner & RECKLI shapes for years. More than 5,000 designers, artists, restoration specialists, stucco-artists,  mould builders, and even private hobbyists apply our products. Museums, theaters, and film studios supplement our wide client base.

Service and Branches

US Formliner is partnered with RECKLI to provide the finest quality of rubber used to produce reusable formliners. US Formliner proudly manufactures and designs formliners for North America to bring you resourceful and economical solutions to your design. US Formliner experts support you with your project. Around the world, technicians, mold-makers, carpenters, sketch-artists, lab technicians and concrete engineers work for our customers. Our team stands ready to assist you. RECKLI is represented in more than 65 countries worldwide. Our experience, creativity and product standards make us your first contact partner for architectural concrete with the highest demands on design and quality. 

We look forward to your project!