In our heart, we are down-to-earth; in our head, we are open-minded and cosmopolitan. Athens, GA is our home, and our market is North and Central America. As a medium-sized company, we have continually and healthily grown since our founding in 2013. We want to carry on along this path, keeping our sound judgment and efficient approach. We can only do this with the right staff.

Our employees aren’t just a means to an end; they are the lifeblood of our company. We are convinced that well-trained, satisfied employees are committed and make sound decisions. That’s why we at US Formliner place great value on the selection, management and development of our employees. We believe in a level playing field.We encourage very open and very direct communication. Our doors are always open, and we approach each other directly with questions or problems, completely regardless of level or title. This kind of togetherness doesn’t just happen—we have to work at it. Each employee, beginning with the President, has to do his or her part. We place great value on personal development in the workplace. For example: 


  • All company managers, starting from the President, have gone through complete management training.
  • We have carried out many personal and communication trainings at the employee level over the last few years.
  • We now have a comprehensive yearly personal development program, with a range of options: From public speaking seminars and presentation training, to self-management and time management training.
  • We find that mixed seminar groups add an additional element, as they broaden perspectives and encourage team thinking. That’s why we always carry out training across departments and hierarchies.
  • Regular employee meetings and surveys are a matter of course for us.

These actions have caused positive results; however, we never see our company culture as a set state, but rather as an ongoing process. This keeps us active, and on our toes. Developing people and a company are a source of great joy for me. There are already plenty of examples of internal careers, and this will also be a point of focus over the next few years. Now more than ever, we want to create new paths for talented and committed people, coach them and support them.

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Kind regards,

Brian Drummond