Jochen Kalender | Mold Making

From Herne to Atlanta: Jochen Kalender began his career at RECKLI as a carpentry apprentice. In the meantime, he has become a master carpenter, deputy department head mold making and adviser to the colleagues in the United States.

When things heat up in the USA, the phone rings in Herne: via Facetime, the US Formliner colleagues ask for Jochen Kalender’s advice. Jochen is the deputy head of the mold making department and organised the restructuring of production at the American subsidiary after the acquisition of US Formliner. 

Through the close contact to the States, Jochen is aware of how large and international RECKLI really is. “Nevertheless, the work in the company feels like a family business,” he says. Colleagues, department heads and managers also have a sympathetic ear for small matters and new ideas are generally welcome in Herne. 

Jochen knows form first-hand experience, how well RECKLI supports its employees. He started as a carpentry apprentice in 2007 in the field of mold making. RECKLI support his master’s exam: He finished work early twice per week in order to attend evening classes. The company opened a time-account for him during his training and exams and kept a generous count. In addition to mold making, he soon also began taking care of returns: He travelled to our customers across Germany and even to Spain, whenever something went awry.

Following the acquisition of US Formliner, upper management asked him to help out in the States with his wealth of experience. The production department was understaffed and had to be adjusted to RECKLI standards. In August 2014, Jochen flew to the States and was welcomed with open arms in Atlanta. The familiar RECKLI atmosphere was appreciable on the other side of the Atlantic. Jochen provided his contribution and helped his colleagues for nine weeks to establish the new production routines. Since then, he occasionally travels to the States to support large order situations - and in the meantime the colleagues say hello via Facetime.

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