Mark Humbert | Work Planning

Mark Humbert has never regretted his choice of training program. Working in a model making workshop fitted his skills well, awakened new passions - and led to a promotion.

When handcrafted perfection gives the customer’s final product that finishing touch, Mark Humbert is satisfied: Mark completed his training at RECKLI as a Technical Model Builder with a focus on casting in 2014, and knows the importance of precision and accuracy in building positive models for RECKLI formliners. 

With his eye for detail and motivation, Mark became such a firm member of the team that he has been planning entire projects in the Work Planning department since 2018. He uses 3D CAD programs to complete drawings for his colleagues in Model Building, which are then used as the basis for milling and processing models. “I’ve always enjoyed working with CAD programs a lot, and am happy that this is now part of my daily work,” he said. As part of work planning, Mark also decides what is produced when and where. 

His good spatial thinking skills make his work with models and CAD programs easier, making his training a breeze. As a Technical Model Builder, he operates the 3-axle and 5-axle CNC machines in the joinery workshop, which use digital drawings to mill detailed positive models into panels. The elastic formliners are later poured onto these positive models. In his department, Mark was also involved in the physical construction of models based on customer specifications. He appreciates how he was able to hone his craftmanship as well as his planning skills. “Both have made my new role easier,” he said.

Mark joined RECKLI after leaving school. He researched possible training options online, was impressed by the company’s online presence and sent his application off to Herne. Once he got to know the company, he knew that he wanted to begin his career with RECKLI. “After a two-day trial, I was sure that I wanted to do my training and work here,” he said. 

He felt like he was taken seriously as a trainee from day one: “you are treated as a valuable member of the team. And your opinion is respected.” Mark appreciates how much trust he has been given. While still a trainee, he was sent to a subcontractor to train the team there in how to use RECKLI products. And who could be better suited to answering questions at a trainee fair than a trainee - Mark represented the RECKLI brand. Mark can use this experience of support and flat hierarchies in his new position in Work Planning. Commitment to technically perfect work at a professional level and a respectful, approachable atmosphere make working at RECKLI a special experience for Mark.

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