Functional and aesthetic

The aim is to reduce noise, but the look can be anything but quiet: when building sound insulation walls, the combination of RECKLI textured formliners and special concrete guarantees the desired effect as well as a striking design element.

Road, air traffic or industrial noise: If you need the din to stay outside, you need noise barriers. Sound waves meet an obstacle and are either diverted or partially absorbed. One of the building materials used is concrete, as it’s low-maintenance, resistant to aging, and long-lasting.

RECKLI formliners can contribute to noise reduction when building concrete noise barriers: Texture alone doesn’t reduce noise. But when you create textured concrete, you increase the surface area over which the sound-absorbant concrete can be used. This, together with porous aggregate concrete, creates noise reduction: The rock particles in porous aggregate concrete are equally sized and therefore only lightly touch instead of joining together. This creates air pockets, which give the concrete an especially raw surface. At the same time, they absorb some of the sound waves.

Ribbed and wave patterns are often used to increase surface area. When it comes to design, anything from motifs to playful ornaments is possible.

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