uses Dimensions (mm) order number
1002290 × 2475/2830* C 2128
501143 × 2475/2830* F 2128
101143 × 2475/2830* T 2128
    * toothed out

    100-timer formliners are supplied in an individual dimension within the maximum indicated dimensions.

    For masonry structures in 10-timer and 50-timer versions, the height is a fixed dimension. The course of the horizontal joint is variable and can be ordered from 1 m up to the maximum dimension in 50 cm steps.


    Office building, Parma, Italy

    Designs inspired by nature: our textured formliners create harsh rock, rugged stone, natural stone and rubble, straight lines and wild textures in concrete. Systematic arrangement can be used to create masonry-effect exposed concrete without complex processing. Steinwald gives concrete a solid natural feel, while Cheyenne creates a striking texture. Brabant turns concrete into a natural stone wall. Even hammered and embossed concrete surfaces are economically realized without complex craftsmanship. Design architectural concrete with reusable polyurethane textured formliners.


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