Manufacturing process


A photo or graphic serves as a template for the model. It is converted into a computer file containing 256 shades of gray. Each shade of gray corresponds to the width of an indentation. The CNC machine transfers the digital model onto boarding.


The drilled model is sealed with separating wax and given a shell frame. Finally, a liquid elastomer is poured onto the model to make the textured formliner.


After the plastic has hardened, the shell frame can be removed. The high elasticity of the formliner allows a detailed reproduction of the texture and makes it so robust, that it can be reused to create multiple façade panels (up to 100 times).


The concrete formliner is glued to the frame and waxed with separating wax before it can be filled with concrete.


The shell formliner can be filled with concrete either on site or at a prefabrication plant.


After the concrete has hardened, the façade panels can be easily removed. The formliner is then ready to use again, up to 100 times depending on the type.

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