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BudaPart, Budapest, Hungary

The Project

Adjacent to the Kopaszi Dam – and thus in close proximity to the Danube – one of Europe's most modern urban districts is emerging in Budapest, Hungary. Since 2015, several residential and office buildings have been under construction, including its own shopping street with restaurants, large indoor amusement parks, as well as playgrounds and sports fields with lots of nature. One of the special features: Each building in the new district is designed by a different architect, thus having its own architectural design. It's no wonder that BudaPart was awarded as the world's best urban development at the prestigious FIABCI real estate development competition.


The Implementation

On an area of 54 hectares, the project includes a total of 15 residential and 13 office buildings, as well as a hotel. Our RECKLI formliners were used on the facades of two buildings – the residential building "F" and the hotel and office complex "two in two". The architectural office A4 Studio was responsible for the residential building "F". They designed a building with a total of 185 apartments in a prime location between the central park and shopping street. The architects from KÖZTI are responsible for the design of "two in two". The complex, consisting of two L-shaped buildings facing each other – an office unit and the Radisson Hotel – is particularly striking for its facades, which are distinctly colored.


The Formliners

For these facades, a total of 319 m² of RECKLI SELECT Series formliners in the design 2/98 Moldau were used over an area of 11,000 m². By using the line-shaped texture on the office building as natural, light gray concrete, and on the hotel facade in a strong shade of red, the two related buildings still achieve their very own character. The residential building "F" also has character. Here, the architects opted for our formliners 2/30 B Havel and 2/106 B Amur, also from the RECKLI SELECT series. Both are characterized by a coarse break structure – giving the sun-yellow facade an individual look.

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