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Education Center, Sopron, Hungary

RECKLI formliners bring the forest to the façade of an education center in Hungary. 

The Hungarian media and communication authorities operate three media centers nationwide, where young people aged 9 to 16 are trained in media skills. The centers are called “Magic Valley”, and the latest new build, which was completed in mid 2020 in the Hungarian city of Sopron, also added a little magic to its façade.

The building is decorated with a photo-effect concrete façade. A pine forest stretches across the concrete surface like a panoramic photo. The architects at the Hungarian firm Lenzser chose the motif to reference the pine forests that surround the city. 

White cement was used to create an exposed concrete surface compliant with class C35/45. 
Just 19.45 square meters of formliners from the RECKLI VISUALS line were used to apply the photographic motif to the façade. Photographic templates were translated into milling files by computer, and these were then used to create a positive model to pour the formliner. The formliner was then used to apply the design to the concrete with a fine to coarse relief-like texture. The image may be clearly visible or disappear completely depending on the light. To protect the effect and the concrete in the long term, the surface has been sealed with a clear, silicone-based surface treatment. 

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