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HOM Furniture store, Bloomington, USA

The flagship store of the HOM Furniture group combines a natural look with an imaginative pattern on the façade - both were implemented using formliners.

HOM Furniture is one of the biggest furniture groups in the American Midwest. A new flagship store in Bloomington unites the three brands of the group, HOM Furniture, Gabberts and Dock 86, under one roof. Arch Net USA took care of the planning. The office specializes in planning and implementing department stores and commercial buildings for trading companies and designed a building with 19,000 square meters of floor space. 

The precast plant Wells Concrete produced the precast elements for the façade of the new flagship store, more than 5,500 square meters of exposed concrete. US Formliner, a RECKLI subsidiary, supplied two molds from the RECKLI SELECT series that were customized at the customer’s request: The stone pattern 2/157 Fichtelberg, normally a continuous stone pattern with slight unevenness, was provided with horizontal and vertical joints by US Formliner. This lends the façade the impression that stone slabs have been installed at the building’s base. 

The upper part of the façade was adorned with the 2/49 Saale pattern, an imaginative pattern with rods of different sizes arranged horizontally. Here, US Formliner adjusted the relief depth and scaling of the pattern at the request of the architects. US Formliner supplied around 195 square meters of formliners plus additional formwork inserts for window and door openings. 

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